a  f o l k s  c o m p a n y

w h y its` i m p o r t a n t ` t o ` b e ` g r e e n ?


it starts at a limestone rock quarry

We have a responsibility to this planet and I truly believe there is a solution to our incredibly huge population waste problem. We at FolksCorp believe that the answer is adapting readily available resources that do not affect the Carbon Footprint. We offer these solutions, many patents, and the future technology under our roof. From Solar Roofing, Electric Engines, Lasting Battery Componants, and biodegradable Products, we believe we can change the way waste is perceived. Come see what we soon have in store for the World...

f olks + f uture

Our Goal is to Offer the world alternative products that meet the Zero Carbon Footprint or a Very Light Carbon Footprint. Shop for Green Products Here Today! We have some very new clients that will be offering their products exclusively to our e-commerce company and if you want to make a clean break from trash and adding waste, use our store to buy your products because everything in our store either has no carbon footprint or offsets their carbon footprint. Read more about our journey and our motivation to make this bold decision.

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